The Predator 5 crew, starring Amber Midthunder, is off the set

Filming for Dan Trachtenberg’s Predator 5 has finally wrapped, while it has been officially confirmed that Amber Midthunder is set to star. According to the director, it will be the second or even the best predator movie of all.


The filming of Predator 5 is now complete. On Instagram, cinematographer Jeff Cutter posted a picture of the upcoming sequel, filmed in Calgary, Alberta, with the working title “Skulls”. He revealed that filming is now officially wrapped and confirmed that Amber Midthunder (Legion) will play the lead role.

Cutter captioned the picture with this caption: “And that’s the end of Skulls! I can’t thank Dan Trachtenberg enough for inviting me on this epic journey and entrusting me to help bring his vision for the film to life! Thank you to the great cast, led by Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers and Dane Diliergo, and much love to the brave Calgary crew for taking the plunge with us!”.



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Predator 5 will be a prequel set during the American Civil War, long before the original film’s events. The story will supposedly follow “a Comanche woman who defies her tribe’s gender norms and traditions to become a warrior” (we’re thinking Mulan again – ed.).

In May, there were rumours that Amber Midthunder had been cast for the role, but this has only just been officially confirmed. The project was shrouded in secrecy, so not many details about the plot are known. Initially, Dan Trachtenberg had hoped to keep it under wraps for a long time that the film was Predator-related. (why is it good for a movie to be hidden? – ed.)

Predator 5 was written by Patrick Aison and produced by John Davis (Davis Entertainment); the film is being developed and distributed by 20th Century, the first Predator film to be made under the Disney banner. Despite recognising how much the original Predator film was loved, Davis suggested that Predator 5 would be on par, even better than the first film.

“I think it’s going to be the second best – or the first… or it might be on par with the first. Right?” Davis previously told Collider. “I feel like the first one was a wonderful, interesting movie, and I know what worked in it. I feel like we never got back to that. We ended up in different places. I think it’s a worthy complement to the first one. It will be just as good.”

No official release date for Predator 5 has been announced yet, but it will likely arrive sometime in 2022. Now that filming is ticked off, we’re hoping to get some previews or even some footage from the editing room soon.

Source: MovieWeb

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