Device Switching Will Be Easier On More Xbox Controllers [VIDEO]

The function only works on the controller designed for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S duo. However, it will be available for further Microsoft controllers shortly.


In short, this feature benefits players who play games on several devices from the cloud, as a quick double-tap allows them to switch from a console (in our case, the Xbox Series) to PC or mobile to continue the game where they previously stopped. For example, if you started playing a game while commuting home from work on your phone, you can easily switch over to the console and the big screen, and the Redmond-based company’s idea is helpful for it.

“[The] demo of the new “double-tap to switch devices” feature in action, making it easy to switch between the devices you play Xbox on console, PC, mobile, etc.,” James Shield, Xbox’ senior product planner, wrote. The firmware update will bring the feature to Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth, Elite Series 2, and the Adaptive Controller.

Currently, you can switch between your PC and Xbox by holding down the connect button while on PC and then double-tap it to switch back to Xbox. The update will simplify it to a single method while expanding the availability. The update is available for Xbox Insiders in Alpha Skip-Ahead, and Alpha rings via a new firmware. (This testing method is standard, especially with system software updates for consoles: at first, only a small group is allowed access before the public can get them.)

Microsoft added that the controllers would support Bluetooth Low Energy, which delivers better compatibility across devices and allows for better pairing experiences. Once installed, the firmware will allow controllers to remember one Bluetooth host and one Xbox Wireless host. The firmware also brings in DLI, or Dynamic Latency Input, which offers a more responsive gaming experience and nearly instantaneous action with reduced latency.

In other words, it tries to eliminate the controller input lag. We can’t say no to that.

Source: VG247

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