New World on PS5 and Xbox Series X? Amazon’s MMORPG Developers Have an Answer!

The New World game has already broken records with more than 700,000 simultaneous players, which crashed their servers.


New World had an incredible launch this week… for its developer, at least. And the popularity of the new MMORPG from Amazon Games is so immense that most of the players have not even been able to access the servers due to a large number of connected users. But we did not go around the bush, the fact is that New World is now available on PC, but its leaders do not arise launch on consoles despite success with PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series.

The official New World account on Twitter has responded to several questions from fans on the occasion of the game’s launch. Questions like, for example, if there will be console versions and by when. Amazon’s response couldn’t be more straightforward: ” New World will only be playable on PC for the foreseeable future.” In other words, no, there are no plans to bring the game to PS5 or Xbox Series for now.

Amazon Games has also touched on other topics related to consoles, such as implementing support for controllers in the game. And if playing with keyboard and mouse is not your thing, the bad news: “There are no plans to implement native support for controllers in New World. However, we invite you to try the support for Steam controllers if you want to play with a controller,” says the official account of the game in another answer.

New World debuted last Tuesday, September 28, available only on PC. The Amazon MMORPG managed to exceed 700,000 simultaneous players at its premiere, to establish itself as the fifth game with the most simultaneous users in the history of Steam. On this subject, the vice president of Amazon Games stated before its premiere that New World would be a great success, and for now, they are on their way to that.

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