New Details On Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Gameplay, Music And A New Hero

This was said in a new episode of the Dying 2 Know web series, which focuses on game news, about Dying Light 2 Stay Human.



Dying 2 Know, the title of the web series that regularly delivers crunchy new information about Dying Light 2 Stay Human, has just released its fourth episode. In previous episodes, we’ve been told what’s changed on the homemade weapons and survival options front, but now we’re also told how to imagine the game’s new open-world, how our choices will affect the game, and what our new hero will look like.

One of the important new characters is played by Rosario Dawson, called Lawan, who has been seen in films such as The Mandalorian and Sin City. She and Aiden – the game’s protagonist – will be intertwined throughout the story.
Add to that some extra information shot in the new episode of Dying 2 Know, such as the fact that we will be forced to make decisions that could have a serious impact on the city where we survive, and that could rekindle the hope of a new civilisation.



The game’s music also played a major role during the show. An interesting moment was when we were taken to the Abbey Road studios, where the band recording the game’s music was shown in a video. This music studio is also famous for having been used by big names such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and U2. The Abbey Road Studios’ hard work has resulted in the game’s theme song, Run, Jump, Fight is. Composer Olivier Derivière worked closely with the London Contemporary Orchestra on the game’s score. In addition to all this information, the developers have also explained the original vision for the game’s music and the focus of the work.

Unless it’s delayed again, we’ll be able to play Dying Light 2 Stay Human on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch from February 4. The latter platform’s game will run from the cloud.



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