Keanu Reeves’ Comic Book BRZRKR is Being Made Into an R-rated Movie on Netflix!

MOVIE NEWS – Actor Keanu Reeves will produce and star in a Netflix film based on his BRZRKR comic book, which has hired the writer of the upcoming The Batman.


In addition to modelling Johnny Silverhand and serving as a promotional pitch for the video game Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves has lent his face and recognizable look to another killing machine, B, the protagonist of the BRZRKR comics, which he co-wrote with Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney for independent publisher Boom! Studios. Launched this year, this 12-volume limited series was a huge hit. It inevitably attracted the attention of Netflix, always on the lookout for famous works to adapt, which also seized the opportunity to add Keanu Reeves to its address book.

The story of BRZRKR is about a cursed warrior forced into violence which has fought through the ages for nearly 80,000 years. After centuries of wandering, B occupies his time by working for the American government, which assigns him the missions that are too violent and dangerous for the average person. In exchange for his services, B gets what he wants most in the world: to know the truth about his longevity and find a way to end it.

Netflix is developing an animated series in which Keanu Reeves will dub his BRZRKR character and a live-action film, in which the actor will reprise the role and donning his producer’s hat. While there has been no news on the project since it was announced last March, the live-action adaptation has taken a significant step forward by hiring a screenwriter, as Reeves revealed in a recent interview with Collider:

“[…] We’re working on creating an animation company, and we’ve hired a writer for the film, Mattson Tomlin. He’s cool and just starting to put things together. That’s where we’re at.”

So this won’t be the first collaboration between screenwriter Mattson Tomlin and the streaming giant as he wrote the action film Project Power with Jamie Foxx. He also co-wrote DC and Warner’s highly anticipated The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson. If Keanu Reeves is to be believed, the development of the BRZRKR film is still in its early stages, but it should not be long before a director and other cast members are announced. Before that, the actor will reprise one of his most iconic roles, Neo in Matrix 4: Resurrections, due in cinemas on 22 December 2021 in the UK.

Source: Collider

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