Nintendo Still Does Not see a Problem With the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Considers Drifting to be “Inevitable”

The company compares the Nintendo Switch controls to the wheels of a car, which wear out with use.


Nintendo is still Nintendo. After hundreds of drifting problems with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and a class action lawsuit by affected users, the Japanese company still cannot find a real solution to the dilemma. However, it does not seem that they worry too much since they compare the joysticks of their controls with the wheels of a car, which wear out with use. In this sense, they consider that the drifting of the Joy-Con is an inevitable problem.

This statement, which will provoke some curious reactions in the players, has been made in the last Question to the Developer interview dedicated to Nintendo Switch OLED. In this sense, Ko Shiota, head of Nintendo’s Technological Development Department, thinks that Joy-Con will suffer drifting unavoidably since it wears out with use, just as happens with the wheels of a vehicle: “for example, the wheels of a car wear out as the vehicle moves since they are in constant friction with the ground to turn. ”

Despite this, their particular idea leads them to think of ways to improve the operation of the Joy-Con. However, at the moment, they have not achieved significant results: “with that same premise, we wonder how we can improve durability, and not only that but also how durability and operability can coexist. It’s something we’re continually addressing. ”

In this sense, the interview reflects that Nintendo is constantly updating its Joy-Con, although they have not yet found the right key to solve the drifting definitively. Therefore, they claim that the Nintendo Switch OLED has the most modern version of the controls, which, although it does not include new buttons or functionalities, is one more attempt to fix the problem. Because it does not finish solving the drifting, they are still the same Joy-Con as the original Nintendo Switch.

So while drifting will continue to be a reality on Nintendo Switch OLED, the company is still experimenting with new ideas. According to Toru Yamashita, a member of the technology department, “the degree of wear and tear depends on factors such as the combination of materials and shapes, so we continue to make improvements with combinations that are less likely to wear out”.

For the time being, and although Nintendo says it is still working on the problem, it doesn’t look like it will be fixing the Joy-Con controllers shortly. Because of this, users have already come up with ingenious and successful ideas that solve the dilemma, so Nintendo shouldn’t have such a hard time putting an end to drifting on Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, at least there are some slight improvements with Nintendo Switch OLED, which launches today.

Source: The Verge

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