Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Combat Style Revamp Is Inbound

It’s unbelievable, but it’s true: it’s been nearly ten years since the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, but it’s also a reason why it’s not surprising to see such a revamp.


The anniversary is accompanied by a new expansion called Legacy of the Sith. While it will contain a new storyline, it will also bring in an element already under testing on the public test server: it will add combat styles, allowing players to choose the abilities of different classes. It will result in unique gameplay.

Previously, you could choose from one of two advanced classes at level ten. For instance, an Imperial agent could pick from sniper or operative. However, in the new system, characters will have a combat style from level one, and the variety will be much more comprehensive than before. The Imperial agent in our example wouldn’t be able to choose a Force-based combat style. Still, it would be able to select any of the tech-based blaster styles (vanguard, commando, powertech, mercenary, scoundrel, or gunslinger, sniper and operative).

On the other hand, the Force-wielders’ choices will be limited by their faction (so they will also face such limitations), but by playing the game enough, they will get enough Light or Dark Side points to unlock the opposing variety of powers. At first glance, this decision sounds reasonable.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s public test server is trialling the powertech, mercenary, juggernaut, and marauder combat styles. They have been modified, and the Steam blog post explains the change: “To make these classes feel less encumbered and customization more concise, we are working to reduce the number of abilities but ensuring that these classes remain distinct and unique.”

The game must have a proper balancing, though. If someone finds an OP combination, nobody will stand a chance.

Source: PCGamer

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