Nintendo Switch OLED Is The UK Hit: Already Outselling The Switch Lite In Its First Week

The arrival of the new version is one of the best releases of the family of consoles.


Nintendo Switch OLED has already hit the market with improved visual quality and a more immersive audio system. And, although most users considered that it does not offer significant changes compared to the original console, its first sales in the United Kingdom confirm a success. After all, the launch of Nintendo Switch OLED has left an excellent week of sales for Nintendo, significantly since it far exceeds the early days of Nintendo Switch Lite in stores.

A few numbers compiled by GamesIndustry demonstrate the initial fame of Nintendo Switch OLED. In this sense, the console’s launch has left sales behind crucial moments such as the arrival of the original console on the market or special days such as Christmas or several Black Fridays. All in all, a good start for the new member of the Switch family.

In addition, Nintendo can already start celebrating, as the sales of the Nintendo Switch OLED far exceed those achieved in the first week of Nintendo Switch Lite. As seen today, a minor version of the console only represents 20% of the total sales of Nintendo Switch since its launch in the United Kingdom. In comparison, the OLED version has entered the market firmly, reaching 70% of all Nintendo Switch sales since its premiere last week. On the other hand, all this adds to the success of the recently released Metroid Dread, which has led to more Nintendo Switch OLED units being sold and is also considered the Spanish game best rated of all time.

Therefore, we could say that the Nintendo Switch OLED has managed to capture the public’s attention, at least in its early days. And it is that its new screen has captivated an excellent handful of gamers since it has moved away from the dreaded Pentile technology. However, if you are thinking of getting this new version of Switch, keep in mind that it is not advisable to remove the screen protector, and do not forget that the Joy-Con are still likely to suffer more drifting problems.

Leaving all that aside, Nintendo’s hardware promises to be a console to enjoy immersive experiences with superior image quality.

Source: GamesIndustry

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