Microsoft Is Improving Japan: The Xbox Series Is Slowly Overtaking Its Predecessor!

It’s an unusual situation: in less than a year, the Xbox Series, which debuted last November, could sell as much in the Asian country as the Xbox One has sold in over seven years.


Famitsu reports weekly how many copies of each console are being lifted off the shelves in Japan. The Xbox Series S sold 2,920 units last week, while 527 units of the Xbox Series X were purchased. While this means that there is perhaps more demand for the ‘little brother’ due to the smaller size (and the success of Xbox Game Pass), it is also a far cry from what Sony and Nintendo regularly achieve (the two editions of Switch sold a total of 41442 units; the PlayStation 5 sold 15885 units), but it points to an improving trend.

A total of 102,591 of the two Xbox Series models have been sold in Japan in the last 11 months. “[The] Xbox Series X|S has now sold over 100,000 units in Japan. For comparison, it took [the] Xbox One over four years to reach 100k. Xbox Series X|S did it in less than a year. [The] Xbox Series has stronger than expected momentum in Japan and could outsell Xbox One lifetime by the end of 2021,” Benji-Sales pointed out on Twitter. That is also a significant figure because there’s an inevitable shortage of parts, which means that there are not as many consoles in the shops as there is demand for them…

So the trend is improving for Redmond, but it’s only fair to point out that Sony has already sold over 1.1 million PlayStation 5 units in Japan. In comparison, Nintendo has sold nearly 21.29 million Switch units (including the Lite), and that’s over four and a half years. But it’s striking that the PlayStation 5 has sold more than ten times (!) as many units (say, less than the home track) as the Xbox Series.

Still, there’s room for improvement.

Source: WCCFTech

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