Chris Columbus, the Director of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, has Confirmed a Surprising Fact About Robin Williams!

MOVIE NEWS – Director Chris Columbus explains that the late Robin Williams approached him for the role of Lupin in the Harry Potter saga.


He is the director of the first two films in the Harry Potter franchise. Chris Columbus, to whom we owe many successes, was the first to adapt the adventures of the apprentice wizard. Thanks to his expert eye, the filmmaker managed to do as well as the books. The performance also owes a lot to the 4-star cast, which needs no introduction. Although David Thewlis appeared in the role of Professor Lupin, a huge star was interested in the role. Indeed, the late Robin Williams had personally approached Columbus to play the character.

In a recent interview, the director came back on this rather amusing anecdote. It must be said that Columbus and Williams had a great love affair. Indeed, the director had offered the comic genius one of his most outstanding roles in 1993: that of the lively Mrs Doubtfire.

Harry Potter: When Robin Williams wanted to star in the franchise
It was Williams himself who knocked on Columbus’ door to join the franchise. But at the time, the director only wanted to surround himself with a 100% British cast. But this did not stop the actor. “It’s true, I had a conversation with him. He was desperate to play Lupin. It was horribly difficult for me to explain to him that I should only work with English people. And to pretend that I couldn’t do anything”, Columbus admits.

But this was not the actor’s first time. A few years earlier, Williams had already made an effort to get the role of Hagrid. But in the end Robbie Coltrane won the role. Columbus is not responsible for this choice (at least not entirely). Rowling’s contract required that the film be made by British actors only, when she signed over the rights. Without this clause, there is no doubt that Williams would have been favoured by Columbus and obviously by the public.

If Rowling had not put her foot down, it is easy to imagine that the casting could have been quite different. But no matter: the actors were all great and became as popular as the heroes of the novel. In fact, Fantastic Beasts is about to make its return to the big screen. Good news for fans of Potter’s world and his sidekicks!

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