Death Stranding Can’t Be Played On Xbox Even With A Tricky Solution

Kojima Productions’ game, the Death Stranding is unavailable on the Redmond-based company’s platforms.


GeForce Now is also available for Xbox. Nvidia’s streaming service includes Death Stranding (which was first released for PlayStation 4, then PC, and with the director’s cut, it’s also been on PlayStation 5 since September), but, since Sony released the game on console, there is no way to play Sam Porter Bridges’ westward journey using this solution. Okay, it’s not a native version, as the Xbox runs the service and the games available on it using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Tom Warren, writing for The Verge, wrote on Twitter, “were you looking forward to playing Sony PC games on Xbox through Nvidia GeForce Now? I noticed something strange. You can’t play Death Stranding, a Sony published game, on Xbox through GeForce Now. It’s blocked from showing up in search results.” But he didn’t stop there, as he later added: “Oddly enough, the PC version was not even published by Sony. The company only published it on the console. However, it might not matter if there was some agreement regarding cloud services and exclusivity when streaming to the console. This is probably the reason. We asked Nvidia about this.”

So even if we have Death Stranding on Steam, we can’t use GeForce Now to stream the game on Xbox… but interestingly, we can on PC, so there really might be a backroom deal going on. Or maybe not? There’s also a tiny twist: this tweet highlights the Russian version of the Microsoft Edge app for Xbox (which only uses Nvidia technology); it can run Death Stranding.

So either somebody here messed up, or somebody is not telling the truth: maybe Sony wasn’t careful enough with the unnecessary limitations, or perhaps they did something in the background (but since they’re all about the blockbuster, AAA-centric strategy these days, maybe this is how they want to prevent the trickery…?).

Source: WCCFTech

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