Grand Theft Auto 6: Snoop Dogg Drops A Colossal Scoop!

Grand Theft Auto is back in the news (again) with a piece of information dropped by a certain rapper on another rapper, and concerning the OST of a probable… Grand Theft Auto 6. Let’s take a look at it together.


Grand Theft Auto and rumours have been a love affair for ages. Today, we owe Snoop Dogg, iconic rapper of Hip-Hop culture, who proclaims that a good colleague of his would-be behind… the OST of a future GTA. Or at least part of it.


Straight outta San Andreas


Rolling Stone exclusively broke the news, loud and clear: Snoop Dogg has confirmed to the famous media outlet that his friend Dr Dre, an iconic artist and businessman in the hip-hop industry, is currently working on the music for a new GTA. “I know he’s in the studio. I know he’s making good music. And some of his music is related to the GTA game that’s coming out. So I think that’s going to be the way his music comes out: through the GTA video game.”

Of course, this was all it took to arouse fans’ curiosity: are we talking about Grand Theft Auto 6? And would Dr Dre sign… part of the original soundtrack? This seems exceptionally crunchy, promising for some the return of a G-Funk atmosphere a la GTA San Andreas or simply an OST with extremely accomplished hip-hop echoes for others.

Above all, the idea of having original music from Dr Dre seems fantastic to fans, who have been waiting for the Detox album since the beginning of the 2000s, which was one of the most anticipated musical releases. For Rockstar, it goes without saying that this would be a very lovely additional marketing weapon.


Dr Dre and GTA, a long-standing bromance


When you think about it, Dr Dre and Rockstar have always gotten along well: you could already find five of his songs (sometimes from N.W.A.) in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, from Radio Los Santos, and four in Grand Theft Auto V, from West Coast Classics radio. Even better, he made an appearance in the latter via GTA Online, in an introductory mission to the Caro Peyico heist alongside Jimmy Lovine.

Rockstar being a music fan – an actual label was announced last year! We wouldn’t be surprised if the firm tried to put such a name in its playlist, again, but this time with original music. Again, let’s be careful to avoid the cold shower: maybe Snoop Dogg wasn’t talking about Grand Theft Auto 6 but the upcoming PS5/Xbox Series version of GTA 5… or another unannounced project?

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