New Study Declares Sean Connery’s James Bond Best Of All

MOVIE NEWS – From his wardrobe to the ratings of his films, a James Bond data analysis has declared original actor Sean Connery the best.


Sean Connery established himself as one of the great stars of Hollywood for his numerous interventions in seventh art hits. The actor became the first 007 on the big screen. His talent can be seen in the films Dr No -98%, Goldfinger – 96%, 007: Goldfinger – 96%, Thunderball -85%, 007: You Only Live Twice -73%, 007: Diamonds Are Eternal -66% and Never Say Never Again -63%. It is a long compendium of films in which we can look at Sean as the British spy, absolute classics for lovers of the character and film buffs. A new study shared by Luxes Watches (via MovieWeb ) concludes that Sean played the best James Bond of all. Is it possible?

Also known for his work on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – 88%, Lancelot: The First Knight -47%, Dragon Heart -50%, The Untouchables – 80% and The Hunt for Red October – 86%, Sean Connery was an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winner. In 1962 his first film was released as James Bond, Dr No, giving began a production series that would become an enduring legacy for fans of 007. A recent study by Luxe Watches analyzes the style and functionality of apparel and the success of each James Bond film, concluding that Sean is the number one.

According to the information, Sean Connery’s 007 uses the most expensive and elegant wristwatch (Rolex Submariner 6358). It was given a 10/10 rating for wearing suits: “If you can make a terry jumpsuit look acceptable, then clearly you will have no problem wearing the role in a tailored suit designed by Anthony Sinclair. Connery looked effortlessly cool in everything he wore as James Bond. ” Their apparel functionality was approved: “Impeccable, tasteful suit always with a perfect fit, either underneath your scuba gear or for those times when you just have to scale a building, just the right amount of movement from your tailoring. ” And it was revealed that in Internet searches he is still the most famous Bond.

At number 2 in the study, we have Daniel Craig, who lags behind Connery for having a less functional style: “Stylistically, the return to classic Bond style was very well received. It’s a shame the tailoring was cut so close to the body … I doubt there’s much room for a concealed weapon. ” Fans of Craig’s Bond may not agree with Luxes Watches’ conclusions, but the truth is that each person chooses their ideal 007. On the other hand, the incarnation of ConneryIt has been heavily criticized in more recent years due to the treatment it gave to women of its time, being violent or treating them as if they had less value. Of course, times have changed, so James Bond must, too, for the sake of the franchise.

Sean Connery retired after working on The Extraordinary League -17%, a 2003 film that brings together famous classic characters from fantasy literature in alternate Victorian England. Critics took it upon themselves to destroy this film. However, many believe that it is too misunderstood. The actor did not return to work in Hollywood and died in 2020 of acute myocardial infarction. Now it’s worth wondering who will play the next James Bond, but MGM will only begin the search until 2022.

Source: Movieweb

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