Dolph Lundgren is the writer, director and star of the new action film Wanted Man

The Expendables star Dolph Lundgren has added another action movie to his list of credits: writing, directing and starring in Wanted Man, a new film for Millennium Media. With 70 films under his belt, the veteran action hero is not slowing down.


The 80s star Dolph Lundgren is still incredibly busy, currently working on The Expendables 4 and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Still, he has already pencilled his next film into his calendar with Wanted Man, an action movie in which he will star and write and direct. The film is being produced by Millennium Media, who are also making the fourth Expendables film and are hoping to follow up the success of their recent films, To Kill for Fish, Jolt and Ryan Reynolds Vehicle, as well as The Bodyguard to the Assassin’s Wife, and who would have thought. Still, Lundgren is doing what he does best, so he’ll be dishing out blows with abandon in this latest production.

The story of Wanted Man is not a Shakespearean drama: “when several DEA agents are killed in a cartel shootout, an ageing cop must recover a witness and escort him across the border. But when he learns that American forces carried out the attack, he must decide whom to trust”. It seems pretty standard terrain for Lundgren to excel in his ideal field, and he seems to be in safe hands, as Killing Cupid writer Michael Worth was Lundgren’s co-writer. Filming is expected to start in February.



Lundgren may be well into his sixties, but like many of his contemporaries, he shows no signs of slowing down and relaxing anytime soon. The Swedish actor has appeared in over 70 action films in his career and has six films already lined up for next year, including Operation Sea Wolf, Section Eight, One Man Rises, The Expendables 4, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and let’s not forget his voice role as Svengeance in Minions: The Rise of Gru.

But Dolph Lundgren will next be seen in Castle Falls, also starring and directed by the Swedish actor, which released its first trailer earlier this week. In the film, rival gangs try to find $3 million hidden in the soon-to-be-demolished Castle Heights Hospital. They have two hours to find the money before the building is demolished with a pile of dynamite, which will lead to a lot of shootouts, a double-cross and, in the end, a massive explosion. Castle Falls will be in cinemas and On Demand on 3 December, and the trailer can be seen below.



Lundgren also stars in Sylvester Stallone‘s new version of Rocky IV, in which he plays Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, who kills Apollo Creed in the ring, for whom Rocky seeks revenge. Stallone announced in 2020 that he would be working on a new Director’s Cut version of the film during the Covid lockdowns, which will include new footage of Creed fighting Drago. Initially scheduled for earlier this year, the fresh cut will now get an evening theatrical release on 11 November but will also be available digitally from 12 November.

Source: Deadline

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