Facebook Can’t Be ‘Meta’ After All? – Trademark Owners Demand $20 Million

TECH NEWS – A hardware company slammed the Meta name back in August, and now they’re having real fun with the situation.



Facebook surprised us when it chose the name Meta: a sign that its goal is to go beyond social media and develop new connectivity and communication technologies. However, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s company may have to look for another name, as ‘Meta’ now, lo and behold, exists.

According to TMZ, a new hardware startup has applied to register Meta as a company name, conflicting with Zuckerberg’s original intentions. Although the situation may seem tense, the creators of the first Meta are having fun with it: they have posted videos of themselves changing their name to “Facebook” and have already warned that they will not sell the Meta brand name for less than $20 million. That is, of course, a pittance when it comes to Facebook.

But Meta belongs to no one. At least for the time being, as no company has yet been granted the trademark and Facebook can continue with its original plans depending on how the authorities decide the case. So, for now, we’re sitting on pins and needles waiting for developments and wondering what will happen to ambitious projects such as the recently leaked upcoming Oculus Quest Pro.

Staying on the subject of video games, Facebook continues to make bold leaps forward in the sector, starting with GTA: San Andreas VR to Oculus Quest 2, to mention just a couple of examples to admire. And speaking of ‘metaverse’, Xbox’s latest idea is also worthy of recognition: they are creating 3D worlds for games such as Minecraft, Halo and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Source: TMZ

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