DualSense: Remote Play Support For Android

The DualSense controller launched a little over a year ago can be used for Remote Play if you use a sufficiently new Android system.


Remote Play is a good idea if the TV used for the console is occupied by someone else, as it allows you to run the game on other devices from another room (be it bedroom or bathroom). The PlayStation Vita used to be an excellent (and even the original) solution for it, but time has passed by Sony’s handheld (and the Nintendo 3DS, which beat it; it’s also gone, and it’s the Nintendo Switch that is now setting a very strong pace for the big N; it will reach 100 million sales by April at the latest!).

The DualSense controller has been working on iOS for some time now, but the PlayStation 5 controller has not been available on Android for those without an Apple device. Until now, Sony has announced on Twitter, “New PS Remote Play update for Android 12 users enables pairing with a DualSense wireless controller, and new DualShock 4 features including touchpad, motion sensor, rumble and battery indicator.” So alongside the iOS/PC pair, Android has caught up.

Remote Play first saw the light of day on PlayStation Vita, but in 2016 it made its way to PC (and Mac). Nowadays, you can play Remote Play on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. We can also use our PlayStation 5 on our PlayStation 4 with the app, which is a welcome change with the updates. Interestingly, last year, there was a questionnaire where Sony asked what we would think if Remote Play came to Nintendo Switch, Apple and Android TVs and if we would use a portable, slim DualShock controller.

We wonder, is Sony still planning these?

Source: PSL

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