Total War: Warhammer III: Behold The Folk Of Nurgle, The Chaos Deity Of Disease, Rot And Death [VIDEO]

The new episode of the Warhammer-themed Total War series features a more disgusting faction than ever before.



We’ve barely heard anything about Total War: Warhammer III all summer, but since then, we’ve been getting more and more exciting announcements about new locations and playable factions. Now, for the first time, Creative Assembly is giving us a glimpse into the world of Nurgle, home to all sorts of nasty creatures that will be particularly terrifying to face on the battlefield…

Nurgle, also known as the Lord of Plague, is the Chaos God of disease, decay and death. His creatures, servants and allies specialise in poisoning and spreading disease, so our troops will have to fight the infections they spread as well as the physical attacks they make.

However, such attacks will not only damage the player’s units, but they will also give their opponents an advantage if they stand their ground in battle and spread disease. What’s more, enemy troops will be aided by Ku’gath, the father of the plague, one of Nurgle’s chosen favourites, who is fond of dispensing his poisons.

Although the arrival of Total War: Warhammer III has been delayed a little, much to the public’s chagrin, a release date of February 17, 2022, was recently confirmed, along with landing on Xbox Game Pass. The blend of war strategy and fantasy will undoubtedly manage to capture the attention of gamers already familiar with the Warhammer franchise, so in a few months, we’ll see how Creative Assembly performs once again in this area.

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