GTA: The Trilogy Has Received Its First Major Update – They’ve Managed To Fix Some Critical Bugs

As promised, Rockstar has released patch 1.02 for GTA: The Trilogy, in which they have tried to get rid of the most annoying bugs.



The return of the iconic games with GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was meant to be a celebration, but the release was surrounded by controversy for several reasons. One of the most prominent was the series of bugs in the new versions, which quickly spread on social media and were sharply criticised by fans for the rushed release.

The rain display was one of the most glaring bugs, which even got modders working to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Rockstar Games has spoken out on the matter, apologising for the errors and saying that they are working to remove the bugs as soon as possible. Finally, the first significant update to the game, patch 1.02, has arrived and aims to fix some of the most glaring problems.

Improvements include smoothing out the rain effect and addressing camera problems while driving at high speeds; texture fixes; and some critical errors that caused the game to crash. Many specific fixes for all three titles are detailed in patch notes published on Rockstar’s website.

In addition to the first fix, Rockstar has also made the original versions of the games removed before the remaster was released available in stores again – in an attempt to address one of the most common criticisms from gamers. To find out more about GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, you can read TheGeek’s review on our website.

Source: Rockstar Games

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