Sony Sends Out Invitations To Buy A PlayStation 5

It’s Sony’s way of cutting the scalpers out of the equation in Western Europe, so you don’t have to pay multiple prices for the PlayStation 5 console released in November 2020.


We’ve previously reported that the PlayStation Direct, a big hit overseas, was coming to Western European waters, and this November, it did. Back then, Sony hinted that you could buy PlayStation 5 directly from them (but not all European countries have this opportunity yet). Eurogamer has reported that “the blues” have started sending out email invitations to buy a PlayStation 5 directly from the company. And not for ridiculous prices either.

The email contains a unique link that gives access to the sale along with other buyers who receive such a link. According to the email, Sony selected the targeted users based on previous interests and PlayStation activity but did not go into any more detail. The article’s author also mentions that he received such an invitation, which is interesting because he already has the new console on his shelf.

According to PlayStation Direct’s Q&A page, users have the option to buy a PlayStation 5, three white, two red and two black DualSense controllers, a remote control, one white and one black Pulse 3D headset, a charging dock and an HD Camera (that’s the limit). Invitees will need to log in with their PlayStation Network ID, so no tricks are involved where one ID can buy everything. Also, sharing the link with others would not work either.

It’s a neat move, especially nowadays, as we continue to see the old parts shortage reach dismal proportions, which is best not to be optimistic about because it’s almost certain that by the end of 2022 (if we’re still alive then), we won’t have an ideal situation on that front.

Source: JVL

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