Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets A New Update That Balances Its Fighters

According to Sakurai, update 13.0.1 introduced the latest tweaks we’ll see for the game’s characters



Update 13.0.1 is now available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As announced a few days ago, this patch would change several characters and be the last planned changes to the massive cast of characters. Masahiro Sakurai, the title’s director, stated that the studio will not be making any more adjustments, so Mario and the company will remain as they are today.

“This is the last update related to adjusting the game’s balance, except for addressing issues,” noted the Japanese Super Smash Bros. account. What does the future hold for Super Smash Bros. now that Ultimate is complete?

The update introduced nearly 60 changes for 24 different characters. Many attacks received changes, including damage and speed increases, range adjustments, attack speed and more. If you’re interested in seeing the complete list of tweaks, you can check them out on Nintendo’s official site.

That said, Sakurai and the rest of the team aren’t planning to simply abandon Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The director stated that, if necessary, new updates will be released to fix bugs present in the title, such as glitches. Still, after this update, don’t expect any more changes for your favourite character.

With these adjustments complete, the community can prepare for the first official Smash Ultimate track, which will begin in 2022. Super Smash Bros. Melee, the other game usually present in tournaments, will also receive Nintendo’s support in this same circuit.

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