STALKER 2: We’ve Learned How Much Space It Will Take Up On The New Generation Of Xboxes!

The space required to install STALKER 2 on Xbox consoles is revealed – almost half of what Series S allows. Heart of Chernobyl is now available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store before its 2022 release.


STALKER 2 is a headline title for Xbox 2022. After admiring the first official trailer more than a year ago, we’ve been learning more and more details about the GSC Game World title coming to PC and next-gen Xbox, to the point where we finally got to see gameplay video for the Microsoft-exclusive title.

A few things were still unclear, and now TheGamer has taken notice of an aspect that we’ve been ignoring. The game is already listed in the Xbox Digital Store, and its file contains various information about it. One of these is its approximate storage requirements, which target 180GB for installation.

This gives an idea of how ambitious the title is for the new generation. Yet it’s also very odd to see it in the Series S, with around 364GB available for installing games and apps on its X sister console. Heart of Chernobyl would take up practically half that. Of course, the value is only approximate for now, so if there’s enough optimization work, we could see a different size when the premiere arrives.

STALKER 2 will be released on April 28, 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X | S and will be available from day one for those with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. There will be a physical edition on PC, and a special edition with unique content will accompany the release, with a starting price of $340.

Source: TheGamer

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