Activision Blizzard: More Studios Join The Raven Software Strike

Burn, baby, burn: the Activision Blizzard  publisher is already dragging its feet because of the scandals, but even so, in December, there’s still depth to sink to for the company, which is still inexplicably led by Bobby Kotick.


Over the last few days, we’ve been reporting on the developments, with Activision Blizzard firing nearly a dozen quality control testers from Raven Software. Its staff decided to stand up for them and walk off the job in protest. The strike did not last for a day, however, and since then, it has not only involved the Call of Duty: Warzone developers, to which our only reaction would be to ‘adding fuel to the fire’.

“Today, workers from Raven[‘s] quality assurance are walking out for the second day in a row. They are joined by workers from QATX, QAMN, and Blizzard QA. These workers are standing in solidarity with Raven QA’s statement yesterday. They are using the social media hashtag #WeAreRaven,” ABK Workers Alliance tweeted. QATX is Activision Blizzard’s Texas studio, while QAMN stands for the Minnesota team. According to the company’s description, the latter is “home to Activision’s largest QA team.”

“It feels like Activision’s toxic culture is starting to bleed into Raven. The people who were let go seem to have been chosen completely at random, and the rest of us have survivor’s guilt because we know our teammates deserve to be here still. We’re all just incredibly heartbroken,” a Raven QA tester told the Washington Post. Jessica Gonzales (whose departure we have previously discussed) joined in on Twitter, saying, “Today, all of ABK [Activision, Blizzard, King] QA joins Raven in solidarity. We are walking out because our jobs are invaluable, and it’s unacceptable for a multi-million dollar company to toy with workers livelihoods to get better numbers in Q4. Today #WeAreRaven”

Later in the day, A Better ABK added, “In an unprecedented show of love and solidarity, all of Treyarch’s central QA has walked out. Thank you for your devotion to your peers and for bettering this industry.” But perhaps we have to say; the problem is in the leaders.

Source: PCGamer

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