Sony Patented One Gameplay Element From Death Stranding [VIDEO]

After getting the patent, an essential portion of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding game is now in Sony’s possession from an intellectual perspective.


The company named Kojima as the inventor, and it’s somewhat weird that the Japanese genius didn’t even think of patenting his idea. Sony registered it in 2019 but was granted the patent on December 7 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. In short, a player can affect another’s world, even in a single-player story. If many players used one road, it would be broader or in a better state, even if it’s only us who use it in that session. This information is delivered to us via a cloud system.

The official description is full of jargon: “A method for influencing a gaming world of a video game. The method includes cross-pollinating the first path using an inter-game communication medium across a plurality of virtual environments of a plurality of asynchronous gameplays of a plurality of players playing the video game. The method includes determining that a first path has been traversed one or more times by one or more characters of the plurality of players in the plurality of asynchronous gameplay. The method includes improving the first path based on the number of times one or more characters have traversed the first path. The method includes cross-pollinating the first path that has been improved across the plurality of virtual environments.” Told you. Also, it mentions the player-built bridges and rope climbing too.

Sony’s Technology Day was recently, and Sony Interactive Entertainment participated in it, featuring the PlayStation 5’s features that differentiate it from the competition. It showcases the console’s Tempest 3D audio and the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The video features Kenichi Imai (from Sony’s software engineering group) and Takeshi Igarashi (the hardware engineering and operation division).

“Tempest 3D audio is designed with DSP (Digital Single Processor) to achieve extremely accurate audio positioning so that the sound can be heard from anywhere 360 degrees around the listener, as if inside a sphere with countless speakers. Haptic feedback realizes a variety of tactile responses by changing the newly developed dual actuator’s vibration according to the game’s situation, providing an immersive experience. In addition, the adaptive triggers adopted to the L2/R2 buttons of the DualSense wireless controller enable powerful real-time tactile sensation in response to in-game actions with a small precision gear and built-in high-torque motor,” Sony explained.

The company vowed to continue developing and investing in its immersive technologies to make its gaming platforms “the best place to play for everyone.”

Source: PSL, PSL

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