The Settlers Reboot Still In The Works: More News From Ubisoft

The new The Settlers game was due to hit the shops but has been postponed indefinitely without further details.



The latest The Settlers is one of those cases in the video game industry that was announced at the time, and then nothing more was known about it for years. The game, which debuted at GamesCom 2018, was re-announced a year later, confirming a 2020 release. Now, with 2022 approaching, Ubisoft is reconfirming the existence of the project and guaranteeing news coming soon.

“The Settlers is back!”

“Tune-in January 2022 for more news and register now for a chance to play,” Ubisoft announces on its official website. The project description reveals no more than that, offering those interested in reimagining the legendary real-time strategy game with new features and incredible graphics – in short, everything you’d expect from a reboot.

The project is still being developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, specifically by the Ubisoft Düsseldorf studio of the German subsidiary Ubisoft, so not much is expected to change from what was promised three years ago. We know, among other things, that Snowdrop will be used as the graphics engine for the strategy adventure – just like in the upcoming Splinter Cell remake. However, we will have to wait until January to learn more about the latest game and its release date.

The Settlers is one of the longest-running franchises in Ubisoft’s portfolio, with the first game released in 1994. Since then, the series has expanded with several titles, but nothing significant has happened in-house for years.

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