No More Gaming While Driving: Tesla Backs Down And Will Disable this Option

Tesla introduced the function in 2020 for accompanying passengers allowed video games to be enjoyed



Tesla confirmed this weekend the launch of an update to prevent users of its electronic cars from playing games while the vehicle is in motion. After being under investigation by US authorities concerned about its misuse, the company is implementing the measure.

The vehicle safety law prohibits manufacturers from selling vehicles with bugs that present unreasonable safety risks, including technologies that can distract drivers from driving safely,” the NHTSA – the equivalent of the DGT in the US – said in a statement reported in local media.

To put it in context, the NHTSA raised concerns about Passenger Play introduced by Tesla in more than 580,000 vehicles, which, among other “attractions”, allowed passengers to “enjoy” different experiences on the touchscreen placed by the manufacturer in the centre of the dashboard, being a potent distraction for drivers who could also interact with it.

Now, Tesla has assured the NHTSA that it will immediately distribute an update to disable its use when the vehicle is in motion. It is currently unknown whether Passenger Play has been involved in any accidents.

Tesla vehicles and video games get along pretty well. Such is the point that a few months ago, the company assured that the new model will have power similar to PS5, allowing you to enjoy experiences like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cuphead and a long etcetera.

Source: autobild

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