Two Prominent Novels Inspired Elden Ring; The Director Revealed Them

Miyazaki Hidetaka even explained the character of Godfrey from the upcoming Elden Ring game..


We have already looked into the interview in EDGE magazine issue 367. However, there are still a few subjects to discuss, thanks to WCCFTech. For instance, we learned what inspired FromSoftware in creating Elden Ring: “It’s difficult to give any one single inspiration that had a major impact on Elden Ring. There have been a lot of different works that influenced the creative process in various ways – The Lord Of The Rings, The Eternal Champion series of novels by Michael Moorcock, aspects of tabletop RPGs such as RuneQuest, etc. There are a lot of motifs and themes that I was able to pick from these various works that affected the development of Elden Ring.”

Miyazaki then explained the creative process with George R.R. Martin. His mythos for Miyazaki is a “constant source of inspiration and impetus” and “the biggest departure” from the Souls series, allowing the head of FromSoftware to create something fresh. With a few of his employees, he visited Martin’s hometown to meet the author. Even though there is an age difference, the Japanese creator came to think of Martin as an old friend of sorts, and he was thrilled to work with someone just as passionate for fantasy worlds. Martin only worked on the game’s lore because the studio believed his creative potential would have been limited if Martin was responsible for the story and the in-game text. The resulting themes were mainly about connections between characters (parent-child relationships).

The magazine’s cover, as well as the main image for this article, features Godfrey. Miyazaki went into deep details about him: “When we were talking with Martin, we had these themes and ideas for creating pieces of artwork for the bosses, for these core characters of the story. And when he wrote the mythos, we asked him to make these dramatic heroes of this ancient mythos that takes place before the game’s events. These dramatic and heroic characters weren’t present in our previous titles, so this is something that was appealing to me – how he would depict the mystique and heroic qualities of those characters. And Godfrey is an embodiment of that. He’s one of the major players in the game. One of the motivations of the player character in Elden Ring is to become Elden Lord – they’re to journey to The Lands Between and become the next Elden Lord.

In the sort of heyday of the Golden Order of The Lands Between, there were two Elden Lords, and Godfrey was the first of these. He was the very first Elden Lord and was married to Eternal Queen Marika, who’s been detailed in some of the lore we’ve released publicly so far. And he was representative of this period of grandeur and affluence. He represents everything great about the Elden Ring and The Lands Between at that time. Eventually, he was exiled from The Lands Between. He became tarnished and shared this deep connection with the Tarnished – the player character. Godfrey is an embodiment of their long history and struggle. He represents a lot of what the player character stands for, and he symbolises a deep connection with the player – something that used to shine brilliantly and has now become tarnished and fallen from grace,” Miyazaki said.

Elden Ring will launch on February 25 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: WCCFTech

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