The Witcher Executive Producer: “More Flashbacks Were Originally Planned for Season 2”

MOVIE NEWS – Lauren S. Hissrich revealed that The Witcher season 2 was supposed to include additional flashbacks to one of its characters, which were ultimately not used.



The Witcher, as popular series usually do, has given fans some controversial moments, as far as some of the plot points of season two are concerned. In particular, a certain decision related to one of the characters sparked some viewers’ dissent. Executive Producer Lauren S. Hissrich has already spoken about the decision, but in a recent social media post, she gave a more detailed explanation of how this particular incident was originally going to be supported by several additional flashback sequences.

Warning: this is how long the spoiler-free introduction lasted! For those reading on, expect spoilers for season 2 of The Witcher!

Fans of the video game branch of The Witcher were surprised when Eskel died at the beginning of the second season of the series, and as one of the leading “buts”, it seemed like a pretty big moment. Of course, when it comes to the death of a main character in a series, many fans won’t be happy about it, so Hissrich tried to help them through by giving a thorough explanation of why Eskel had to go.

“…now we have a mystery for Geralt to solve: what happened to Eskel?”

“And how does it involve Ciri? And further to that, we’re got a dilemma that will play out through the whole season; just how far will Geralt go to protect the girl that is his destiny? What wins out: being a witcher, or being a father? Can he save both? And how? We had several more flashbacks with Eskel laid out, to demonstrate further to the audience how close Geralt and Eskel were in the past: to reinforce just how far Geralt had to go in his heart in order to make that sacrifice.”

“I hope to return to them in the future. All of that said: fans miss Eskel. I understand that. I also understand that we made the choice we needed to make in our storytelling, in order to activate Geralt. Is there a right and wrong? For fans, maybe. And maybe time will tell, for us too.”

Not many series or movies can be said to have everything they were initially intended to have, as many bonus discs have proven in the past. While The Witcher isn’t exactly lacking in depth or character development, it could have been even more engrossing if Eskel and Geralt’s backstory could have been more fully unfolded on screen, making it even more dramatic than the former’s death was caused by the latter’s hand. With so much more to come from The Witcherverse, Hissrich will likely get some form of opportunity to return to the lost flashbacks at some point.

The Witcher has quickly become one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and with Henry Cavill already hinting that he’s keen to stay in the role for a significant period, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of Geralt’s world in the coming years. The Witcher season two is already available to stream alongside season one, with season three expected to arrive in December 2022.

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