New Alice Game Getting Closer: Lead Designer Confirms Upcoming Announcement

The designer of Alice: Asylum shares what the team achieved in 2021 and what surprises we can expect this year.



American McGee’s Alice series was a huge success back in the day – read our retro review of the first episode released in 2001. Since Alice: Madness Returns release in 2011, fans and even the game’s creator himself have been eagerly awaiting the third instalment in the saga. After asking for the community’s support and subsequently hinting at it to EA, all signs point to the fact that we’re close to announcing the highly anticipated Alice: Asylum: this could be the new twisted adventure that’s in store for her.

“I’m sure will delight any fan of Alice” – Alex Crowley

Thanks to a 2021 review from the game’s lead designer, Alex Crowley, we’ve got news of the game’s development. “Our team’s efforts this year on Alice: Asylum is currently being actively reviewed by some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world,” Crowley shared. “You already know who they are.”

Crowley mentioned that these conversations have turned into something “very exciting”, and while he can’t reveal any more details at this time, he asked us to be prepared for an upcoming announcement. “I’m sure will delight any fan of Alice,” he added.





Crowley’s other details include several visuals the team has been working on. In addition to the title character, we’ll also get a glimpse of several colourful and creepy locations, as well as some of the enemies that carry all the grace and madness we’ve seen in previous adventures.

Crowley also talked about a digital book that will contain the entire narrative of the game and gameplay and design aspects, which he called the “Design Bible”. One of the team’s goals for 2022 will be to complete the book, which you can start reading now but beware, it contains serious spoilers about Alice: Asylum, so if you plan on enjoying the game as soon as it’s released, you might want to wait.

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