EA Announces Three New Star Wars Games

After Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn is working on three new Star Wars games



The Star Wars universe continues to grow, and that includes video games. In fact, Respawn Entertainment has contributed a great deal to this area, but it seems it still has a lot of stories to tell in the film franchise imagined by George Lucas. After developing real hits such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it will be in charge of creating three new games in the saga.

EA has announced this on its official blog, where it celebrates this new phase in the history of both companies while detailing general aspects of the next Star Wars games we will see. More specifically, we’ve already told you that these projects will bring us an FPS game, one focused on the strategy genre and a new instalment in the Star Wars Jedi line.

There aren’t many more details about these projects beyond what we’ve already told you, but we do know a few things about their development. While we already know that Respawn will lead the development and production of the games, it has also been revealed that the next Star Wars Jedi title has already begun development with Stig Asmussen as the game’s director, but two new teams will also be joining to incorporate unique gameplay experiences across multiple genres.

As for the Star Wars shooter, the same website specifies that its development will be led by Peter Hirschmann, game director at Respawn. Finally, the strategy title will bring the studio together with Bit Reactor, which will handle development, while Respawn’s team will focus primarily on production. It’s worth noting that Bit Reactor is a newly founded developer with Greg Foerstch, art director on several XCOM titles, at the helm.

“At Respawn, we’re big Star Wars fans, and we’re excited to work with Lucasfilm Games on new games that we’ve wanted to make for many years,” said Respawn head Vince Zampella, the father of the Call of Duty franchise. “If you want great Star Wars games, you should join us on this journey,” added the California-based team’s founder.

In addition to all this, journalist Jason Schreier has expanded on the information a little further via Twitter. According to his statements on the social network, the new game has been in development “for a while” and could be released this year or next. A situation that is not repeated with the strategy and FPS titles, as Schreier comments that their announcement sounds like their release is still a long way off.

Furthermore, the Bloomberg contributor assures that these new developments do not interfere with Respawn’s work around Apex Legends and other unannounced projects, referring specifically to a game that we still don’t know anything about beyond the fact that it has been left without one of its prominent people in charge.



Star Wars is undoubtedly having a glorious time with video games. While Respawn has been at the helm of some very important titles for the franchise, it’s also worth remembering that Quantic Dream has already unveiled a spectacular cinematic trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, while TT Games has tied the saga to LEGO and will soon be releasing LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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