Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Reveals Details Of The Combat System [VIDEO]

Although Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin promises to be action-packed, Team Ninja ensures that the essence of the RPG is respected.



The Final Fantasy franchise continues to look to the future, but Square Enix has decided to tap into nostalgia with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a game that ties in with the first title. Although it has already shown us the general outlines of the game’s world and characters, it has also made it clear that it will be an adventure game that will not be short of action sequences.

In a final trailer, Team Ninja details some of the critical features of the game’s clashes

While the first Final Fantasy was all about turn-based battles, this instalment has opted for a more fast-paced approach, with uninterrupted attacks and tense situations. Initially, there will be opponents that you’ll need to break down with special techniques, but this also leaves room for other skills to defend and even perform territorial attacks.

Going back to the essence of the first Final Fantasy, we’ll start the adventure with the fencing class in this part. However, this will be interchangeable with other professions that will be unlocked as the title progresses, allowing you to use the skills of different classes amid combat and develop your own unique play style. As has become common in other parts of the genre, there will be many battles to fight and different loot to discover in order to progress in this area through the Job Tree.

But you can also share the experience with a friend…

… as users can collaborate with each other to complete missions already completed or advance the adventure. Even when they are at different points in the title, players will be able to access other worlds and return to their own with items gained from combat.

Beyond all of this, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will not focus solely on frantic action, as Team Ninja promises to retain the RPG essence of the franchise’s first title. The story will also play an essential role in the game, with Tetsuya Nomura assuring that the plot will be poignant and emotional.

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