Sega Plans To Take The Sonic Series To The next Level

The head of SEGA’s Sonic Team has offered more details on what’s next for the blue hedgehog



Sonic Frontiers has been rumoured to exist long before it was officially confirmed. It’s one of SEGA’s most ambitious titles in relation to the legendary character, and the trailer we saw at The Game Awards 2021 made clear its intentions to offer a much more extensive experience than what we’ve enjoyed so far.

We still don’t know many details about how Frontiers will be played, but Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team, has offered more clues in an interview published on GamesRadar. In the interview, Iizuka said that they will try to take the famous hedgehog to the next level by offering a game with a very different style.

“We’re focused on taking Sonic to the next level and making sure we represent him as the character that fans know and love while also crafting a new and exciting way to approach him,” said Iizuka. “With Sonic Forces, the team set the stage to create high-speed action games that put a twist on Sonic’s usual story, which was set in a world where the evil Dr Eggman prevailed,” he explains. “We are once again expanding the universe, creating new environments and additional features to craft a new open-ended experience.”

In addition to the exploration component, the Sonic Team boss also talked about the revamped combat. “We’ll be introducing new combat styles to bring Sonic’s skill to the battlefield, and the new exploration options are obviously all about Sonic’s iconic speed.”

Takasi Iizuka also didn’t want to forget about cross-platform, offering his vision for the benefits that the new generation will bring, even if it launches on previous consoles as well. “We’re very excited to bring the game to next-gen consoles, as the visuals and technical elements will improve on those platforms. As games start to launch natively on next-gen, it will be exciting to be part of the wave that will carry all that potential.”

The game is planned for release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch later this year, 2022. The title will offer players a dozen voice and subtitle languages, as well as music by Jun Senoue, a classic composer of the franchise.

Source: latercera

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