The Division Heartland: The Free-To-Play Game Is Leaking

Ubisoft has made a habit of leaking most of its unannounced games/content before the official announcement.


The Division Heartland is an exception, as the French publisher has already confirmed the game, but the official details don’t tell us much. We know that Red Storm Entertainment is developing the free-to-play title. If it weren’t for Tom Henderson, we’d stop here, but courtesy of the insider who has been on the money recently, we’ve learned a lot of details about one of the French company’s upcoming games.

It will be set in a small-town setting called Silver Creek, a stark contrast to the megalopolis locations of the previous two instalments. Our headquarters will be in an abandoned skating rink. The main focus of the gameplay will be the Storm mode, which will be a PvPvE experience, very similar to Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown. Your goal will be to survive, loot, craft, and take out other players and AI-controlled enemies while getting to the extraction point. The Extraction mode will reportedly play the role of a tutorial, focusing on PvE.

We can modify our gear (loadout), start matches (matchmaking), craft weapons or mods, and tune them in our HQ. There will also be prep items, which can give us a significant advantage, as we can choose where to start or even build “buff towers” with them. These will likely be paid items to get them faster with real money. Poison gas will also pop up in random places, and there will be six enemy types. Their common name will be Vulture, and their types will be Flanker, Grunt, Heavy, Sharp, Hooter, and Technician. We will have three classes: Weapons Expert, Medic, Survivalist.

According to Henderson’s sources, The Division Heartland’s development is progressing well. It could soon be unveiled in earnest by Ubisoft, which is looking to release its F2P game “for PC and consoles” during the next fiscal year (running from April 2022 to March 2023). All this is, of course, unofficial.

Source: WCCFTech

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