Uncharted Prequel With Sully: Another Rejected Plan From The Days Gone Studio

Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio would not only have continued Days Gone but would have expanded the Uncharted lore (though it would have needed Naughty Dog’s blessing to do so).


Jeff Ross, Days Gone’s director, left the studio formerly known as Eidetic over a year ago (they were responsible for the Syphon Filter series and… Bubsy 3D, a torture device released in 1996), and has since been quite critical of Sony, especially for the way how Jim Ryan’s team handled Days Gone (because it didn’t become a blockbuster like, say, Horizon Zero Dawn, which is already at over 20 million sales).

Ross was a guest of Colin Moriarty on the Sacred Symbols podcast and revealed that he wanted to make an Uncharted prequel. The protagonist would not have been Nathan Drake, but a young Victor Sullivan, better known as Sully.

“Victor Sullivan at the age of 25 in a very stylized world where it would be around 1976, I think, is where we figured out his age might be. He busted out of the Navy for reasons, and I thought seeing him young and trying to figure out his way in this world – going from trying to be a soldier or, you know, a military man to now I’m just out on the streets, and I’m going to become a hustler,” Ross said. His Sully would have been as sexy as Sean Connery’s James Bond. The seventies would have been inspired by the Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and thus, the depiction wouldn’t have been that cheesy.

The exciting thing is that Bend had previously worked on an Uncharted prequel! In 2011 (or 2012 in the West), the PlayStation Vita received a game called Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which, although starring Nathan Drake, had a story that predated the four main episodes… so Bend did have experience with the franchise!

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