Metroid Prime 4 News On The Horizon? Retro Studios Posted New Image On Social Media

After a long period of silence, any changes from Retro Studios are worth paying attention to.



We don’t know what it means, but Retro Studios has finally shown signs of life that aren’t about them looking for staff to work on Metroid Prime 4. The company’s official Twitter account has been adorned with a new image for its banner, which is most likely from the highly anticipated game and may hide more than we first thought.

The community has already started to speculate about the image

As has become the norm in many communities, those waiting for Metroid Prime 4 have quickly begun to theorize about what the picture might show. In the middle, we can clearly see Samus in her armour, but everything else is a mystery: it could be nothing of significance, but it could also be a hint at something we’ll probably see soon.

Could it be a hint of what is to come? Only time will tell, although for now, the community is mostly interpreting the image as a possible announcement for E3 2022. Either way, it might be worth keeping an eye on the studio’s social media in the coming days.

Metroid Prime 4 may have been announced too early, but let’s not forget that development has been restarted and handed over to Retro Studios, which has obviously given us, even more wait time for Samus’ new adventure. Metroid Dread, meanwhile, has received an update with new difficulty modes, and a boss rush mode is planned for April this year.

Source: Twitter

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