The Life is Strange and Disco Elysium Series Continue: the Production Company Joins Forces with Amazon

Amazon seeks to integrate more and more firmly into video game adaptations.


The news regarding the adaptations of Life is Strange, and Disco Elysium have been scarce, but that does not mean that both projects have been abandoned, since the producer in charge of both projects, dj2 Entertainment, has just announced a new alliance with Amazon with the order not only to promote these two productions but “more” now that they have additional support.

“The dj2 team has believed for a long time that video games would one day serve as an incredible source for storytelling in film and television,” shared Dmitri M. Johnson, CEO of dj2 Entertainment. “It was solely the lack of love and respect for this art form that previously slowed the creation of successful adaptations .”

“It is truly an honour to have Prime Video as our partner,” Johnson continued. “A partner who supports us and our great ambitions to tell the best video game stories internationally.”

The last news we received about the Life is Strange series was in early September 2021, when we learned that Shawn Mendes would be in charge of composing the music. As for Disco Elysium, we got the news back in 2020, at which time dj2 shared that the game is a “magnificent property with limitless potential .”

If you can’t find the name, dj2 is the same production company in charge of Sonic: The Movie and is also the one in order of the adaptation of It Takes Two, a title that received the game of the year award in 2021. Although this production company is enthusiastic about all its projects, some do not favour this type of adaptation.

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