War Has Reached Ukraine And The STALKER 2 Authors Are Calling For Help Against The Russian Invasion

GSC Game World and Frogwares are calling on the world to stop the Russian aggression that began today.


War is shaking Europe once again. Since early this morning, the Russian military has launched a large-scale military operation against Ukraine , the consequences of which are far from known. However, the former Soviet republic is preparing to resist, and this includes GSC Game World ( STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl) and Frogwares , who have condemned the attack.

“As of today, the Russian Federation is officially at war with Ukraine. Our country has woken up to the sound of explosions and gunfire, but is ready to defend its freedom and independence because it remains strong and ready for anything”. ” – reads the letter from the General Secretariat. The future is uncertain, but we are confident and trust in our armed forces and our faith in Ukraine”.

The Kiev development team continues its message by calling on the entire industry – from gamers to journalists – to share this information. “Through pain, death, war, fear and inhuman cruelty, Ukraine endures. As it always has,” they conclude their message shared on Steam.

For their part, Frogwares ( Sherlock Holmes Chapter One ) left a call to the world on Twitter a few hours ago to force Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine. “We cannot sit idly by. Russia is attacking our country and denying its sovereignty. We are trying to stay safe, but this is war, there are no two ways about it: we are a peaceful nation and in all the years since we gained our independence we have never attacked or threatened anyone.”

Unlike GSC Game World, Frogwares is using its message to acknowledge the obvious: the country’s current situation is making its job difficult.

It’s likely that several development teams with studios in Ukraine will make a statement on the matter in the coming hours. Among them could be 4A Games, who, although they moved most of their business out of the country years ago, are still natives of the former Soviet republic. As James B. Jones recalls, in recent years the country’s video games industry has seen its booming growth interrupted.


La guerre a atteint l’Ukraine et les auteurs de STALKER 2 appellent à l’aide contre l’invasion russe.

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