Spartacus: Trial New Games, Complete Classics In The Highest Tier?

Sony’s (Xbox) Game Pass rival, which the company hasn’t officially said anything about yet (apart from what Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said last year that they should have one), is slowly leaking out in full…


Earlier today, we quoted from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb’s paywalled Giantbomb show, Grubbsnax, but VGC, we got a sneak peek at what he had to say about the subscription service, codenamed Spartacus, which could combine elements of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, and perhaps keep the PlayStation Plus name but change to a multi-tiered subscription system, which is rumoured to be something Sony will be talking about later this spring (March?)…

It’s thought that the entry-level, Essential, would be ten dollars a month and would offer the same as PlayStation Plus currently (online multiplayer on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, plus free games every month for both platforms). The Extra category would be $13 and would be a combination of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now so that you could stream games on that category, too.

But there’s also Premium, for $16. Grubb said, “For premium, $16 a month… do you get full games? Not really, kind of… it’s like EA Play. You get full game trials. I don’t know if that’s for every single game that comes out, but it seems like that. […] You also get classic games and streaming. None of the other tiers will have cloud streaming; you also get classic games. I don’t know what classic games mean, but I do know that it’s a major part of this premium tier. So you have game trials, classic games and streaming on this premium tier.”

So there’s a bit of confusion over the information here (PlayStation Now is mainly cloud streaming; if its line-up would be available for local play, that would be something different). Grubb says that milestones are being reached behind the scenes with the service, and we may have to wait for an official unveiling. Sony could compete with Game Pass here if internally developed, first-party games were to be included as part of Spartacus in the future.

All this is, of course, unofficial.

Source: WCCFTech

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