The Medium’s Creators Withdrawing Games From Russia & Belarus In Protest Against The War In Ukraine

The Bloober Team, responsible for the excellent The Medium, is joining the wave of protests that is affecting more and more video game companies.



The decision by the developers of The Medium is not surprising: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having a growing impact on the video game industry. Companies such as CD Projekt RED, the creators of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, are withdrawing their games from Russia, along with the services of their GOG platform. Just yesterday, the Ukrainian government called for greater industry engagement to sanction Russia and Belarus, focusing on PlayStation and Xbox.

The Polish studio, which made its name with The Medium, confirmed in a statement posted on its official Twitter account that it will stop selling games in Russia and Belarus on all its platforms. “We are working with our partners to remove the games from stores in these countries: the ban will first take effect on Steam,” explained Bloober Team.

“Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people” – Bloober Team

“Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people, and this is just one of the many steps we are currently taking to support them.” The Bloober Team said they are aware of the implications of these steps for many Russian and Belarusian The Medium players who are not involved in the invasion, but insist that “any steps that can help stop the war are worth taking.”

The Bloober Team shared that they are ready to help end the war by putting pressure on the Russian and Belarusian public opinion while also expressing their solidarity with the Ukrainian people “in word and deed.” The studio concluded its statement by calling for “a united global resistance to help make a difference.” They also stressed the need to be part of the conflict: “We want to be part of a world that does not turn a blind eye to warfare. And we will not remain neutral when human lives are at stake.”

Source: Twitter

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