Dying Light Comes To Next-Gen Consoles With Patches, Three Graphics Modes And Other Improvements

The Xbox Series update for Dying Light is still a few days away, although Techland has not given a specific date.



While Dying Light 2: Stay Human was a big hit with post-apocalyptic fans, the first game will further expand the gaming experience for the entire community. That’s why, to bring the graphics quality up to today’s technology, Techland has announced a next-gen patch for Dying Light, which is already making its first steps on PS5.

PlayStation 5 users can take on the zombies today with a new patch that takes advantage of the new console generation’s technical advantages to add three graphical modes to the game. This, which will also be available for the Xbox Series version, is categorised as follows:

Next-gen patch features

  • Performance mode now achieves 60 FPS at Full HD resolution.
  • Balanced mode now achieves 60 FPS at QHD resolution.
  • High Definition mode now achieves 30 FPS in 4K resolution.


But that’s not the end of the news, as Techland has also focused on improving the experience for users who haven’t yet made the switch to the new generation of consoles. With this in mind, it has added details to the PS4 Pro and Xbox One that should please all gamers, although this bundle also includes the performance of the Xbox Series S.





PS4 Pro enhancements

  • Improved 30 FPS limit.


Xbox Series S and Xbox One enhancements

  • Performance mode provides 30 FPS at Full HD resolution.
  • High Definition mode provides 30 FPS in Quad HD resolution.


Techland has not specified a release date for the Xbox Series update, so we’ll have to wait for more information on the latter. Elsewhere, the developers continue to polish the edges of Dying Light 2: Stay Human while also preparing content to extend hours of gameplay, which can already be expected with two free DLCs and a slight chance of a New Game+ mode in the future.

Source: Techland

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