For the Peacemaker Series, They Wanted to Use a Real Eagle, but That’s Why They Chose CGI

MOVIE NEWS – One of HBO Max’s most popular series, Peacemaker has a particularly large fan base for its protagonist’s overly cute and funny eagle, “Eagly”. Although the eagle is entirely CGI, as we’ve learned, that wasn’t always the case and at one point they even tried to use a real eagle “actor”…


HBO Max’s latest DCEU superhero series, Peacemaker, is now available in our neighbourhood. The series contains plenty of vulgar jokes and some comments directed towards other DC heroes. The finale has already aired, but fans can look forward to season 2.

People will probably get to see Eagly again alongside the Peacemaker. Eagly is a realistic-looking eagle, but he is nothing more than a visual effect. The creators once tried to use a trained bird in several scenes.

What is Peacemaker?

The superhero series Peacemaker is a new entry in the DCEU franchise, and the first season finished in February this year. The series stars John Cena, Danielle Brooks and Jennifer Holland. Cena plays Peacemaker and the story picks up after the events of Suicide Squad.

Peacemaker eventually joins a mysterious black team to get rid of the parasites. The protagonist is an anti-hero who can often be quite a jerk by default. Originally, the writers planned to kill him off in the Suicide Squad. But the director changed his fate when HBO greenlit Peacemaker.

The series about the relatively unknown comic book hero was a hit with viewers. The rest of the cast includes Vigilante and Leota. The first season consists of eight episodes. Fans have more questions about the next season, but will have to wait for future news.

Who is Eagly?


One of the characters on the list of returning characters is an eagle named Eagly. Many fans have grown fond of the flying creature. Like the other animal-like characters, James Gunn has turned Eagly into a fully CGI bird with a voice actor.

According to CinemaBlend, Gunn tried to use a real bird instead of special effects for some scenes. However, problems on set thwarted his plans. In an interview, Gunn explained why he had to drop an animal actor and go the computer route.

“At the very beginning of the shoot we brought an eagle onto the set, but the eagle didn’t like it at all. And I said, ‘No way. This guy is so sad right now! I can’t do it with this guy. This poor eagle is being bullied. I’m like, ‘He doesn’t want to be here. So we made it CGI,” Gunn said.

The director hired a visual effects company that had worked on his previous projects. Still, some fans are still keen to see Eagly.

Eagly is the Peacemaker’s pet bird and is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. The eagle does not appear in the original comics, he only exists in the series. Gunn drew inspiration for the character from the real-life story of the Eagle of Liberty.

The character appears in the first episode when Peacemaker goes to get him from his father’s house. During the reunion, Eagle spreads his wings to embrace the protagonist. The bird stays by Peacemaker’s side throughout the series as his helper and helps him on several occasions, a true loyal companion.

“Eagley is much more than a sidekick. Eagley is Peacemaker’s best friend. She has the kind of unconditional love that a pet would give to its owner or the pet’s caretaker. That’s Eagley. And Eagley is more cat than dog. She certainly has her own personality and is independent,” Cena said.

You can read a review of the Peacemaker series here.

Source: CinemaBlend

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