Do You Find Elden Ring Too Gloomy? Here Are Some Mods To Help Brighten The Mood! [VIDEO]

It’s hard to take the world of Elden Ring seriously when you’re playing as Homer Simpson.



Elden Ring has been a hit after hit, with over 12 million copies sold in just a few days, and part of that success lies in its impeccable design and excellent graphics, which draw on powerful references such as Kentaro Miura’s famous Berserk. This sometimes beautiful horror is part of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s personal style, but modders seem to have a very different vision for the game.

The version played by YouTuber ToastedShoes is clearly a far cry from the FromSoftware original…

… most likely inspired by nightmares after a heavy dinner.

Starring Homer Simpson, we have to travel through Midlands to take down Pepé the Frog, Elmo, Obamium or Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.


Pepé the Frog, Elmo, Sonic and Sherk populate the Midlands


Some things have changed for the better: the turtles have become real dogs – but we’re talking about Goofy. Instead of goats, he’s doing backflips, who else but Sonic, and if you’ve been dreading that NPC you meet when you go out to Necrolimbo, you’d better not see him turn into that sinister Bugs Bunny. Remember the scary, aggressive sentinel from the beginning of the game? He’s nothing compared to Shrek on Donkey.

Undoubtedly one of the most fun aspects of the mods is the mash-up of impossible and insane crossovers like God of War and GTA San Andreas, with CJ and Barney roaming the northern landscapes. Even without such amazing mods, FromSoftware’s latest creation has become one of the biggest games of the year, although we weren’t blown away by it – if you haven’t already, read our review of Elden Ring!

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