Jamie Lee Curtis Will Officiate Her Daughter’s Wedding In Warcraft Cosplay [VIDEO]

Jamie Lee Curtis is famous for being a horror film icon; however, she is also a fan of video games and a great cosplayer. This time, she will dress up as Jaina Proudmore from Warcraft.


Jamie Lee Curtis has become a symbol of slasher cinema thanks to John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 film Halloween Night. The actress has always been very open about her hobbies away from the set, and on her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Curtis once again surprised the audience with her plans for her daughter’s wedding.



Ruby, his daughter, is getting married next May, and it will be Jamie Lee Curtis who will officiate the ceremony. However, she will do it very special: cosplaying as Jaina Proudmore, the great sorceress of the Warcraft universe. As noted by Kotaku, the actress has already demonstrated her love of cosplay in the past, attending the premiere of the Warcraft movie as one of the game’s orcs.

Curtis also attended BlizzCon 2015 dressed as one of the undead from the Warcraft saga, and in the same year, she arrived at the EVO 2015 fighting tournament dressed as Vega from the Street Fighter series. On this occasion, the actress explained to Jimmy Kimmel that she feared the costume would not arrive in time for the ceremony.

Jaina’s cosplay was reportedly hand-picked by her daughter and fiancée, planning a cosplay-themed ceremony in the actress’s garden. Jamie Lee Curtis will play Patricia Tannis in the Borderlands film, joined by Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black.

Source: People

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