MADiSON: Release date; Physical Version For PlayStation [VIDEO]

Perp Games will make a physical edition of the first-person psychological horror game for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.


The release date is tricky, though, because while four of the five target platforms already have specific dates, Bloodious Games (damn their capitalization!) couldn’t give us anything specific for Nintendo Switch. Anyway, Possessed Edition is the name of the disc release, and with it, we get the Possessed Camera DLC. Digital DLCs: all five ritual cards, the priests’ tapes, the song Blue Knees, and some wallpapers will be included. It is only planned for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

We wrote the following about the game two and a half months ago: “”Many years ago, when I first started playing games, I completely fell in love with horror. From constantly dying in Resident Evil or being scared to death playing the Clock Tower franchise to more modern psychological and survival horror games, I’ve felt, lived, loved, and absorbed them all. MADiSON is our passion, and we have poured our heart and soul into developing a game that will scare you and challenge your perspectives. Our journey has been incredible, guided by the passion of our amazing fanbase. Thanks to our partnership with Perp Games, we are delighted to announce we are bringing MADiSON to consoles and can spread our game to so many more fans of psychological and survival horror,” said Bloodious Games CEO Alexis Di Stefano in a press release.

“It is not often you see a team with so much passion and talent. Their knowledge and experience of the horror genre have been focused on developing MADiSON, a truly groundbreaking game that takes psychological horror to a whole new level. MADiSON is extremely scary, and we can’t wait for people to experience the tragic story of Luca in the coming months,” Perp Games CEO Rob Edwards added.

And here’s an overview of the game: “MADiSON is a first-person psychological horror game featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative. What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood? Play as Luca, and endure the brute torture of MADiSON, a demon that has forced him to continue a gory ritual that started decades ago, making him commit terrible acts. Will you be able to finish this sinister ceremony?

Every character in MADiSON has a disturbing story that blends seamlessly into the main narrative. Watch every step you make and be careful not to attract unwanted attention. You won’t be alone. Use the instant camera to survive this torture or dive deeper into it. Develop the photos you take manually and face the fear of unveiling the truth. Search everything, pick up elements and interact with them to survive the entities. Randomly activated events and changing puzzles throughout the game assures a higher level of replayability. Get lost in this immersive and terrifying experience thanks to high-quality visuals and 3D sounds,” the studio wrote.”

Madison will launch on June 24 on PlayStation 6, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, GOG), and PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch port will launch later in the summer.

Source: Gematsu

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