The New PlayStation 5 Firmware Could Lock Us Out Of Our TV Picture Settings!? [VIDEO]

Interestingly, if you already own a PlayStation 5, you might want to check the settings because the console might not allow you to change the picture settings on your TV due to a sneaky addition.


A system software update to a console can be expected to positively affect the console (i.e. not break after a firmware update). However, not everyone wants the console to impact the TV connected to it. But that’s precisely the case with PlayStation 5, which can take over a few settings on your television, and the HDTVTest video below provides a solution if you’re affected.

ALLM, or Auto Low Latency Mode, has arrived with the latest PlayStation 5 update. It automatically sets our display to the lowest latency mode (i.e. the shortest possible time between the action in the game and when it is displayed), so we can be locked out of specific settings to ensure that our TV, display or monitor shows the action with the lowest possible latency.

It can be a problem if you’ve fine-tuned a lot of things in its Game mode, i.e. the settings for the game, to your taste, so differences in the presentation can be distracting because, say, there can be differences in colour that can be noticeable, and having a 4K display means there’s more chance of such fine-tuning because you want to use the strengths of your screen. So not everyone will like the fact that PlayStation 5 automatically shifts our display to ALLM without our permission…

Currently, LG and Sony brand TVs are affected by PlayStation 5‘s unwanted setting changes, so you might want to check your settings if your display doesn’t look like that. It would be best for Sony to offer an option to whether we want ALLM or not. That would be the fair approach.

Source: PSU

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