New Nintendo Remake On The Horizon! Which Classic Are They Resurrecting?

Bandai Namco’s job ads mention a Nintendo contract project.



Remastered games and remakes have been enjoying a renaissance for years now: it seems Nintendo is not missing out on the opportunity. While we’ve seen the company bring back older games, some of the things fans of Nintendo franchises have been clamouring for have yet to arrive on Switch.

Those wishes could now be fulfilled by Bandai Namco, as we’ve learned that the Japanese company has signed a partnership agreement with Nintendo, thanks to job postings on the company’s website. The job offers posted on Bandai Namco’s website and picked up by the Resetera community mention an as-yet-untitled 3D action game.

Fans are hoping for a Metroid Prime or Star Fox game

Specifically, one of the offers talks about remastering or recreating 3D maps, so it seems clear that we are talking about bringing back a game that was previously released on Nintendo consoles. The community has begun to speculate about the Metroid Prime and Star Fox franchises, and even the name Kid Icarus Uprising has been mentioned. Either way, all we know for now is that there is such a collaboration agreement in place and that Bandai Namco needs visual artists for the project.

We shouldn’t forget that the corporate giant itself has its hands in the production of Metroid Prime 4, but truth be told, it seems that development is getting more complicated and will take a long time, as Retro Studios is still looking for employees in 2022. Appeasing fans’ desires with some sort of remake of the previous instalments in the series could be a good way to buy time, though we’ll have to wait for further announcements from the Big N to clarify all of this.

Source: Resetera

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