Is Sony Planning A Bigger Acquisition Than Kojima Productions? [VIDEO]

We’ve reached a dead end with Kojima Productions, as Hideo Kojima himself has denied that Sony is looking to buy out his studio, and he’s someone who can troll the Internet from time to time…


Jeff Grubb, writing for VentureBeat, talked about several things on his pay-per-view Giantbomb show, Grubbsnax. In episode 42, the insider said that Need For Speed from Criterion is supposedly going to take on an anime aesthetic. He also mentioned the situation around Kojima Productions and PlayStation Studios (which was the result of Death Stranding showing up in the PSS banner).

According to Grubb, “If you’re heard the rumours about the big acquisition from Sony, it was never Kojima Productions, at least not as far as I’m aware. Like the people who were hearing this stuff, including me, that was not a name thrown around. It is bigger than Kojima Productions. I do know that, as of a couple of weeks ago, the Xbox and Kojima Productions deal was still on.” So the Japanese company is not keen to leave Phil Spencer and his team high and dry.

Then again, a more prominent publisher could indeed be in Sony’s crosshairs. Capcom, for example, could be a valuable expansion for Jim Ryan with its fighting games (and since Sony already has the EVO fighting game tournament, you could say they’d have Street Fighter in-house). Konami would seem to be the other logical option. We haven’t seen much in console/PC video games from them recently, apart from the admittedly sloppy eFootball (which is starting to improve; the free-to-play soccer game effectively left FIFA without competition).

Capcom could bring Resident Evil to Sony, while Konami could bring Silent Hill and Metal Gear IPs to PlayStation. It’s not official yet, of course, but who knows…

Source: PSL

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