Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is Following “Dark Route”, Says Actor

MOVIE NEWS – The fourth season of Stranger Things arrives next month, and the series is about to get a lot darker and scarier as it draws to a close.



Stranger Things season 4 has picked up quite a few similarities to other series since the new trailer arrived earlier this month. The Duffer brothers have compared it to Game of Thrones, while lead actor Brett Gelman has hinted that the story set in Russia with Jim Hopper is like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. And now Finn Wolfhard has added his own comparison, revealing that he thinks the series is very similar to Harry Potter. With so many similarities, is there still room for the series to be at least a little bit ‘Stranger Things’?

Wolfhard has grown up with the series, starting with the first season, and the actor, now 19, is looking forward to the series taking a more mature tone.

While the series has had its share of horrific moments throughout its three seasons, the tone had grown darker, from season one, when everything in Hawkins was light and airy despite the hidden horrors, to season three, when much of the town found itself reduced to pulp after the Mind Flayer tried to build a body for itself in the real world. Now it looks like season 4 will be even darker. Speaking to Screen Rant, Wolfhard explained:

“I think inherently it becomes darker every season. It also gets funnier, it gets scarier, it gets more dramatic. That comes with all of us growing up and getting older. We’re not all going to be in mop-top wigs, 40 years old, and screaming about Demogorgons. I think this is a very good example of the Duffers treating our characters like their ages. And I like to compare it to Harry Potter – those movies became darker [the longer they went] and that’s kind of where we’re at now in the progression, in my opinion.”

The Duffer brothers have been talking a lot about the new season of Stranger Things took a darker tone, and when the new trailer was released, there was no doubt about it. The trailer even showed off a very unexpected humanoid villain named Vecna for the first time and the arrival of horror icon Robert Englund as the killer Victor Creel.

With Vecna being compared by some to Englund’s most famous character, Freddy Krueger, it’s no surprise that fans have already come up with theories that there could be a connection between Vecna and Creel.

All in all, Stranger Things has so far managed to do what few shows have: build from its initial premise and ratchet up the tension season by season. It follows that as dark as this year’s two-part fourth season is, we can probably expect even more horrific things in the fifth and final season when it arrives…

Source: Screen Rant

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