The PS1 Spider-Man’s Developer Is Keen To Work On A Remake

The writer and lead designer of the 2000 game is not ruling out a remake, or at least a remaster.


Spider-Man came out in the autumn of 2000 for PS1 and N64 (there was a GBC port, but that’s different…), followed by the SEGA Dreamcast and PC in 2001. They all got the now-defunct Neversoft game. Neversoft had taken the engine used in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (but derived from Apocalypse with Bruce Willis!). There was already a crossover between the skateboarding and the web-slinging game: Spider-Man was one of the secret characters in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

Spider-Man was a big hit while the PlayStation 2 was launching, and Chad Findley, who worked on the game as its writer and lead designer, told GamingBible that he’d love to work on a remake. According to Findley, “Doing a full 3D city was one big challenge in particular – hence the story point that has the city’s ground level being fogged out. Wall crawling on real architectural surfaces was another – we got a good pass at wall-crawling done and thought, great! But then real buildings and rooms were getting built with weird angles and tight surfaces, and the lead programmer, Dave Cowling, had to tackle that too.”

While he wouldn’t refuse to revamp the game, he says, “The nightmarish licensing and approval processes around these days. I love Spider-Man. It was such a great, nerdy character with stories that always have positive messages and themes while still exciting and fun. Stuff we need these days.”

Maybe they could harbour the idea at Insomniac Games and shove it into, say, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as a sort of bonus game. After all, Sony has the rights, but taking over the Neversoft legacy from Activision Blizzard (or Microsoft by then?) won’t be easy…

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