PlayStation Plus: These Are The Games Sony Is Bringing For May

This spring marks the beginning of a turning point in the history of PlayStation Plus, but we’re still on the old system.


This month hasn’t been without its leaks. Seriously, Sony somehow can’t stop billbil-kun (on a French website, Dealabs) and his post listing what games PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to next month from popping up a day or two before the official announcement. There’s been another such leak, and it’s been reported in detail here. But are these the games that ‘the blue company’ is offering to gamers who want online multiplayer on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, or have they, for once, managed to sneak in a last-minute tweak?

Well, it’s safe to say no. So Sony has messed up again, so now we can officially write down which games are coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers for May. There are two cross-gen games in store, as two of the usual three games (which will soon be just two!) will be available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The first is Electronic Arts’ latest football game, FIFA 22 (although 2022 is supposed to be the last year EA Sports will use the licence; it’s said that the annual football game will be EA Sports FC 24 in 2023).

The second game is Tribes of Midgard, developed by Norsfell Games and published by Gearbox Publishing in July last year, so it’s a relatively recent game (genre: action-RPG, survival). Finally, the only game that Sony is making available only for PlayStation 4 is Curse of the Dead Gods (developer Passtech Games, publisher Focus Entertainment, but still under the name Focus Home Interactive), a roguelike, dungeon crawler-style game.

The April games (PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4: Hood: Outlaws and Legends; PlayStation 4: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, Slay the Spire) are available until May 2.

Source: PS Blog

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