Uncharted Movie Banned In The Philippines – You’ll Never Guess Why!

MOVIE NEWS – The Asian country joins Vietnam in waiting for Sony Pictures to decide whether to change a scene in Uncharted.



The example of Uncharted shows that it is not just the depiction of homosexuality that can get a film banned in certain parts of the world. According to EFE, the Philippine government cancelled all screenings of Uncharted a few days ago because of a controversial map, which has already led to the film being withdrawn from circulation in Vietnam.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said the map was “contrary to the national interest.”

Specifically, the South Asian country authorities have expressed their disapproval of a scene showing a map of the South China Sea with a dotted U-shaped line indicating Beijing’s territorial claims. The foreign ministry said the image was “contrary to national interests”.

China uses such maps to illustrate its maritime territory in a region where Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines and Malaysia have different claims. The CNN news channel reported the case in detail and recalled that this is not the first time that something like this has happened to a Hollywood movie: the Philippines had already asked DreamWorks to pull the film Abominable from theatres in 2019 because of the presence of a similar map.

The scene in question in Uncharted is just two seconds long

The scene in question in Uncharted is barely two seconds long. It remains to be seen what Sony Pictures’ decision will be on whether the scene from the film starring Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas will remain or be removed from the Far East print. However, this does not overshadow the strong box office performance of Uncharted, which has grossed nearly $393 million worldwide since its release.

Source: EFE

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